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continually optimize
We have in-house network engineers with decades of experience that continually optimize our global VPN network for speed.
Xiamen tongan district deputy district chief xiang-yang huang said, such enterprises should vigorously support, our government tongan district is committed to continually optimize enterprise business environment, let the deep enterprise, pleasant, happy and healthy growth.
雄厚的工艺流程知识 - 持续不断地优化产品质量
Strong process knowledge - continuously optimizes product quality.
We want to use material resources sparingly and to make their use more efficient through permanent improvements.
理想的情况下, 企业应跟踪和持续不断地优化这些不同的操作.
Ideally, businesses should track and optimize these different operations on an ongoing basis.
Capability for development partnership, for innovations and continuous product and process improvement
Continuous optimization of processes can help to partially absorb expected increases in future demand without a corresponding increase in the current number of agents working in service management.
So this simple act of visualizing and doing over and over again produces some really remarkable outcomes.
积极主动的资产淘汰策略可以帮助您在整个 IT 生命周期内,从物理、财务和合同等方面不断地优化技术。 查看解决方案简介
A proactive asset recovery strategy can help you optimize and manage the physical, financial and contractual aspects of your technology throughout the IT lifecycle. View Solution Brief
Soleseat supplier integration in the whole value chain system. By working with them, we can continue to optimize production intensity and process design. Through our response ability, speed and flexibility to ensure product quality and cost competitiveness
With PPC, ad blindness and scale effects are present. You have to constantly manage and refresh your campaigns so they don't break or go stale. Plus, if the ads stop working, the business could potentially die overnight.
Our products are strictly compliant with the German quality standard in the unity of human health, environment and technology. We ensure the lowest cost and the maximum economic benefit to our customers with premium products.
为了不断地优化我们的质量管理体系, 我们将秉承"团结、诚信、安全、发展"的宗旨,以优质的服务,良好的信誉,竭诚为国内外客户提供优质的产品。 我们的前景
To constantly refine our high quality management system, we will serve our customers with good products, goodservice and good reputation adhering to the aim of unity, honesty, safety and development. Our Vision
This step is undoubtedly the most neglected step, many improvements program implementation will not worry about the feedback, and some improvement palliatives, like the site's traffic can not be essentially two promotional activities through the upgrade, the key lies in the quality of the site itself, the promotion may let the data obtained in the short term boost, but want to maintain the long-term growth or the need to constantly optimize and improve.
Sunnpo has rich professional experience in manufacturing, processing and technology development of mirror glass. Sunnpo is dedicated to pursue for innovative technology and promote the exploitation and utilization of renewable resource, and contributes to the protection and improvement of the living environment of human being.
FORM20/FORM30系列机床装配了世界上最先进的脉冲电源。该电源兼顾质量和效率两个特性。加工中不断地优化每一个脉冲,大幅度地降低了电极的损耗特别是精加工时的电极损耗。放电控制大概几分之一秒就会优化加工,产生特别一致和高质量的表面质量。FORM20能输出最大80安培的放电能量,而FORM30则是最大140安培。. 关键点
The EDM process is continuously optimized with every impulse, drastically reducing electrode wear on even the finest finishes. Process control takes a fraction of a second and produces an extremely homogeneous surface finish. The high-power generator has maximum output of 140 A on this solution.
Avanade 专门设计了一个带直观用户界面的订单拣选流程应用程序,这个用户界面提供了详细的产品信息,包括商品视觉效果、库存位置和可用库存。 这个"自主学习"应用程序会跟踪哪些商品经常被拣选出来作为缺货商品的替代品,并且会向员工推荐这些商品。 该应用程序可以提供实际操作日志,这样,后端管理器就可以监控每一个操作,并持续不断地优化流程。 该应用程序在 Microsoft Surface 移动设备上运行,这类设备可以装在每个带手持式扫描仪的订单履行车上,扫描仪则可以从其托架上拆下来。
This large grocery store chain supports online ordering fulfillment from 50 stores with plans will double to 100 over the next quarter. They wanted to improve the process they used to fulfill online orders, to drive more customer satisfaction, and also drive lower costs. Each order took 30 minutes to fill before it was placed in a van for delivery to the customer.
"Good faith is as mountain, concentration is as tree and reputation is as wind'. Hubei Shanshufeng Building Materials Technology Co., Ltd. will always keep the enterprise spirit of"be honest and professional", the management principle of "limited resource and unlimited innovation" to realized win-win with wide customers.
In terms of management of product quality, production systematization, industrial standardization, measurement refinement, improvement continuousness, staff professionalizing and other management methods and systems are adopted. According to international quality testing standards, all processes should be documented and systematized. Besides, control and continuous improvement of product quality should be obtained through people, machine, substance, law and environment.
我们为用户提供的易得薪平台是一个可信赖的平台。一个安全、可靠且快速的平台,并且在运营过程中对平台进行不断地优化调整,以下我们会从性能\安全\规模\灾备几个方面进行详细的描述采用Oracle公司的RMAN (Recovery Manager) 与Data Pump技术,能够在必要时迅速地恢复数据至任何一个特定的时间点。 并且在不同的地点与介质上保留数据备份,以达成保护客户宝贵数据的任务,平台的应用及数据服务器放置于符合ANSI/Tier IV 认证的IDC内。
Furthermore, copies of data backup arekept at different places and in different media to protect valuable data for clients. The application and data server of this platform are placed in an IDC that complies with ANSI/Tier IV certification.
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